PT. Andalan Dunia Semesta was established in 1996 to market and distribute Nippon Oil products in Indonesia market. Andalan has always focused solely on Nippon Oil products only, to best our commitment to providing best product, technology, and service to all of our customers.

Together with JX Nippon Oil & Energy, Andalan decided that an integrated manufacturing and sales system in Indonesia was necessary. JX and Andalan have decided to establish PT. JX Nippon Oil & Energy Lubricants Indonesia (NOLI) which is main lubricants manufacturing base for Indonesia market. NOLI's commercial production started in March 2012.

NOLI is a Joint Venture project between Andalan group and JX Nippon Oil & Energy. Andalan is very proud to be part of Shareholder in NOLI, and has strengthened Andalan's commitment to continuously expand ENEOS Nippon Oil products in all of Indonesia market.

News release of JX and Andalan regarding NOLI Joint Venture establishment: